Investment Management for Private Investors

The right information at the right moment, perfectly organised, to ensure everything is on the right track.

Built with Premium Investors :

With a growing number of investments in my portfolio, Retrieving automatically key information (Business & Financials KPIs) is mandatory.

RYSE is now our new team member, managing the relation with our participation.

Clément Parramon

VC, HUB612 Participations

Fully featured Investment Suite

Built for collaboration

Collaboration First

We are convinced that collaboration is the right way to get information, process and capitalise on it.

Our goal to ease the investor processes is to remove all the low added value provided mostly by copy/pasting from one product (Excel spreadsheets, reports, mails, directories), to another.

That’s why we provide :

✅   A dashboard for your participation

✅   An access for all your partner to help them manage their participations

✅   A turnkey solution to manage your portfolio

✅   LPs Access to help retrieve informations (reports, performance metrics, …)

Metrics Monitoring

Key element to manage a participation, we’re normalising metrics to allow compilation, overview of all your participations data, …

And we’ve made it the simpliest way possible, allowing everyone retrieve the right data at the right moment.


Guided Reporting

By providing a powerful rich report builder, we’re driving the way participation will send you report.

By providing templates, autofilled information with already provided data, everyone gain time, and precision on awaited information.

Centralized Dataroom

We’ve structured an document management to avoid messy organisation, where everyone can organise data their own way.

By driving the way document are organised, let’s everyone find the right document, when needed.

Cap Tables

We’re not reinventing cap table, just providing the needed information, only at the right time.

Capitalization table could be complex and messy, we aim to simplify the way you manage them, to free up time to add more value to your participations.


Key feature to help valuate your portfolio and to target actions to improve it.

You have the right access to manage when valuation are made, manually or automatically, with some subjective calculation or not, to get the most precise information.

LP Reporting

We know that reporting to your LPs is a key topic for your everyday job.

As we’re providing a centralised way to get data, you can now eaily create report to your LPs, giving them a better visibility of your funds activities and performances.

Security Focus

Data security in portfolio management is at the center of our product. 

Everyone as a really precise way to share controled data, to ensure that it’s only provided to the right people, without any mistakes.

When we love getting things done, we hate reporting, and following our KPI can be terribly time-consuming. With RYSE we’re getting right to our goal, in 3 clicks, it’s efficient and clean, and kicking our *ss at the right moment.

Nicolas Lorut

CEO, Babily

Easy and FULLY featured platform

Right data to the right people

Collaborative Investment Suite

Collaboration is Key

Improve Participation Communication

Complete participation dashboard to drive the way they are providing data, communicate better with you, with the right information, at the right time.

Simplify Internal Processes

All manual operations are under autopilot, guiding people through every day process is the key to improve efficiency of all your teams.

Power-up your partners

Give them a more precise information about their investments, telling them where the money is invested, and how they can help you.

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