Investment Portfolio Manager


Track performance, get automated reports from your entrepreneurs, provide feedbacks, improve portfolio relationship

Investment Portfolio Manager


Following your investments is a key factor of your activity, but manage it could be really painful, we want to help you by providing a full suite of tools to ensure everything is at the right place, and you’ll provide the right feedback to your entrepreneurs at the right time.

Manage your investments

KPI overview, Automatic reminders, assisted reports from your companies, RYSE is your all in one tool to ensure the right follow-up for all your activites

Follow your metrics

We’re building a unified KPI reporter, to ensure all your companies will answer about your needed metrics, nothing more, nothing less.

Communicate with your companies

Follow all the discussions opened with your entrepreneurs, to ensure they are already well served, and never miss a capital question about their business

Track performance

Keep an eye on your portfolio performance, to ensure you’ll never miss your next big thing

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